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You must have answers to these questions if you intend to sell the business:

Untitled-2-01 What is the real cost of your business?
Untitled-2-01 How attractive your business will be to others?
Untitled-2-01 Are your books and records organized not to frustrate the sale?
Untitled-2-01 How can you increase the price?
Untitled-2-01 When is the best time to sell the business?
Untitled-2-01 Who may show interest in buying your business?
Untitled-2-01 What type of taxes will you have to deal when selling the business?
To us, every business is unique and respectively, we have individual treatment to each individual customer in order to help you get maximum from sale.
We offer:
Untitled-2-01 Evaluation of potential tax risks
Untitled-2-01 Evaluation of assets and liabilities
Untitled-2-01 Business evaluation
Untitled-2-01 Audit report
Untitled-2-01 Legal service
 It is our duty to sell the business at highest possible price.
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