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How to identify whether books and records are correctly kept in the company?

You must be interested in the following:
Untitled-2-01 How competent and qualified your accountant is?
Untitled-2-01 Are you satisfied with audit results?
Untitled-2-01 How often do you have to adjust the tax returns?
If the answer is negative to any of these questions, you need consultation in tax and financial areas.
How will I benefit from the consultation?
We offer a number of alternatives specifically tailored for your business needs. We are structuring your financial-accounting team through testing. Only the most qualified staff will be recruited and the ones, who pass the test negatively, will be substituted by new professionals. However, there is one more efficient option – outsourcing of the accounting service.
Transferring your accounting function to our team will help you have quality, less risky and cost-saving accounting system and to develop and improve your business.
Why should you trust the most important function of your business to some other company?
Our company takes full responsibility for keeping your books and records and financial reporting in compliance with Georgian law and international standards.
As you may know, the company director is the person responsible for compliant accounting/reporting system. Therefore, the mistakes made by the accountant may become ground for a serious problem.
Our company takes responsibility for all consequences of a mistake made by our company employee (which are minimized) because we have all our risks insured.
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