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Financial condition is an indicator system, which reflects the accommodation and usage of financial resources. The analysis of financial condition indicates the important aspects and weak positions of the financial situation of the enterprise. Financial condition analysis can be conducted in different levels of detailing, by goal analysis, existing information, software-based, tech-based and by means of the staff capabilities. It is recommended to separate express and in-depth analysis of financial conditions.
Financial analysis lets you assess:
Untitled-2-01 Material condition of the company
Untitled-2-01 Degree of business risk
Untitled-2-01 Sufficiency of the capital for ongoing and future investment works
Untitled-2-01 The need for additional financial sources
Untitled-2-01 Ability to raise capital
Untitled-2-01 The rationality of using borrowed assets
Untitled-2-01 Thoroughness of profit sharing and usage
The informational support of the financial situation analysis is mainly based on data provided by accounting.
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