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Our market allows a number of options on how to attract investments for business expansion.

Untitled-2-01 Commercial banks do not fund start-ups, but giving loans for business development is an approved practice. Terms and conditions and interest rate of the loans are a different issue.
Untitled-2-01 Micro finance companies, in certain cases, may fund start-ups but within very limited investment.
Untitled-2-01 There are physical entities, businessmen who are looking for good proposals for investment-making purposes.
In all the aforementioned cases, you need certain documentation: financial audit of the previous period, appraisal of movable and immovable property, financial report (cash flow, income statement, balance sheet) and what’s more important, a good business plan.
At the same time, you must have good understanding on how a potential investor makes decision. Different investors have different visions regarding business capacity and risks. Our consultation service is intended to help you with this.
Dealing with investors also requires some legal work, agreement, discussions and appraisal; our lawyers are there for you to help.
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