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Business acquisition What is the secret of success?

Before acquiring a new business, you should take these issues into account:
Do you have sufficient resources? - It is very important to thoroughly evaluate amount and time spent on acquisition in order not to jeopardize your current financial condition.
How well did you select your business? - There can be specific financial and tax-related nuances for the particular sphere, product and service type that you have missed.
Who is running the business? Who are in management now? What will be their reaction if the owner changes? Will they stay or leave? How will their reaction affect the business?
Where is the new business in terms of financial or tax issues? What is the value of movable or immovable assets?
How will the new business fit in with your current business? The integration plan shall be developed which is not an easy task.
There are many other risk factors to be taken into account in new business acquisition.
How can ABG Consulting help me?
We can provide our services in the acquisition process in general as well as in some specific areas. It is at your discretion to choose; this is what we can offer:
Untitled-2-01 Tax and financial audit
Untitled-2-01 Appraisal of movable/immovable property
Untitled-2-01 Drafting contracts
Untitled-2-01 Consultations in taxation and business management areas
Untitled-2-01 Development of the business plan
Untitled-2-01 Protection of interests and distribution of shares
Untitled-2-01 Participation in the negotiating process
Contact us, our team of specialized experts are ready to look at your case.
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