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Business expansion brings many new challenges an owner may be unaware of:

Untitled-2-01 How to grow a business?
Untitled-2-01 How to change the business structure?
Untitled-2-01 How much investment shall we make?
Untitled-2-01 How to select the management team?
Our proposed option regarding business expansion will include all the aforementioned issues and will be built on our experience gained from consultations with many different companies.
What are the options for growing a business?
Natural growth – you business may have sufficient potential to grow within a current setting in a long-term perspective, provided that it has a business and marketing plans in place.
 Merging with another company or acquisition of a new firm  - Merging with another company allows you to develop your business geographically, produce new products or attract a new consumer segment. Our financial consultations will help you to successfully accomplish this decision.
Diversification - This marketing strategy, if planned and forecasted thoroughly,  will not only allow you diversification in new products, services or markets, but will also expand your business and affect financial indicators.
What to consider when the business is being expanded?
Finances - Attracting money, making deals – these are risky operations. Tell us about your planned operations and we will deal with financial and legal issues.
Outsourcing - Outsourcing of some of your works like accounting, payroll, stock taking or other financial functions will significantly release your resources for business expansion.
Tax planning and restructurization- More thoroughly is you taxes planned and restructured for efficiency, more resources you will have for business expansion. Avoid paying extra taxes, contact our experts.
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