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Perfectness of our services is truly a great advantage, however, it is not all.

Professional Team

Joint efforts of our large team of professionals are directed solely to you. Decisions are made jointly as a team which is supported by the organizational structure of the company and internal control of the internal audit office.


Our team is extremely motivated which is due to friendly working environment, reimbursement which is above average and dedication to the job they do.


We have insured our services . This is a novelty that will be beneficial and interesting to you. If, for some reason, you will incur some losses because of us, we will fully compensate it. Insurance of services is a great advantage and additional incentive to become our partner.


Any document we work on fully complies with law. In our deliverables, we include clear and credible arguments to prevent any confusion and dispute.

Partnership with EBRD

The latest studies show that we occupy an honored position in the list of companies selected by European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). You may enjoy 50-60% co-funding for various services.

Strive 4 Georgia

Partnership with Strive 4 Georgia allows us to offer to local and international clients who are interested in project development in the country, professional consultation in project and development management.

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