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This service allows you to save physical, mental and financial resources and manage accounting transactions with the help of reliable partners

Book keeping

Untitled-2-01 Book keeping in compliance with current standards and laws
Untitled-2-01 Manage transactions in the electronic accounting program on the basis of source documents
Untitled-2-01 Fill in and submit monthly or annual tax returns
Untitled-2-01 Prepare monthly or annual financial statements
Untitled-2-01 Provide consultations in the Financial and tax areas.

Systematic supervision on the accounting

Untitled-2-01 Develop accounting control system
Untitled-2-01 Regular inspection of books and records and when needed, making corrections
Untitled-2-01 Reconciliation and adjustment of monthly and annual tax returns
Untitled-2-01 Notification about legal changes
Untitled-2-01 Periodic capacity building of staff, including, tours of the company specialists to the production site.
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